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Kids Who “Talk Back” Become more Successful Adults

“Talking Back” David Wolfe’s blog post “Kids Who ‘Talk Back’ Become more Successful Adults” sheds light on an important myth: that children who push back or talk back are exhibiting behavior that is unhealthy with respect to childhood development. David & experts agree that this kind of behavior actually indicates a high degree of independence Read More

Dealing with College Rejection

Just beyond the joy of Christmas and with the promise of spring in the air lies the day that every student dreads—Ivy Day. As college letters go out, many students will have to face the rejection of not being accepted into the school of their dreams.

Tutor Doctor Success: Blake’s Story

“Tutor Doctor is awesome!” says Blake who was moved from a French immersion school in grade 4. Blake couldn’t read in English, but in just eight months, Blake’s in-home tutor, Tyler, has him reading at grade level.

Early Indicators of Speech Issues

All children have trouble learning a language, but when difficulties persist, consider consulting a speech therapist for an expert option. Catching speech problems early on will mean that you give your child the very best opportunity for normal development. Speech problems can be overcome or improved with the ministrations of a speech therapist so your child’s confidence won’t have to suffer.

The Power of Mentor Tutors: The Noble Family Story

The Tutor Doctor magic match system works to find a one-on-one tutor who isn’t just a subject-expert, but a tutor whose personality and interests resonates with those of your child. That’s because we understand the incredible difference that a mentor can make in a child’s life and we would like our tutors to mentors too.

5 New Year’s Resolutions Every Parent Should Make

The New Year poses an interesting opportunity for new beginnings and a clean slate. If your child is struggling, if homework is a daily battle and if you don’t think your child is fulfilling their potential, then these resolutions will help you and your family to turn over a new leaf.

In-Home Tutors Help Students of All Ages

Teenagers can be reticent to ask for help, but no matter your age or the subject, Tutor Doctor’s one-on-one tutors can help. If you feel like you’re sinking and just can’t seem to catch up with the class, then the creative ministrations of our private tutors is just what the Doctor ordered!

Bullying Prevention Week Creates Awareness

November celebrates anti-bullying week and it’s a wonderful opportunity to discuss this issue with your child. Define carefully the kinds of behaviors that constitute bullying and why they aren’t acceptable. Whether your child is the perpetrator or the victim of a bullying incident, help to broaden their awareness and understanding so that it can be prevented. Don’t forget to include cyber bullying in your discussion.

Help your Child Build Confidence: Zachary’s Story

If children struggle at school, it affects their confidence and faith in themselves. When Zachary got help with his reading and math from his in-home tutor, his confidence began to grow. One-on-one tutors provide the opportunity for students to ask questions and move at a pace that suits them. As their confidence grows, so does their curiosity and their desire to learn. See Zach’s story here:

Help your Child Choose a Career

You may have been saving for that college fund since your child was young, but that’s not the only thing you need to do to ensure that they have a bright future. The ratio of career guidance teachers is 477:1 in the US and, faced with an increasingly competitive job market and student debt, many students are opting to check out of the career game before they finish high school.

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